Welcome to pytest-wetest

This is a pytest plugin for Welian API Automation test framework

How to Use

# content of pytest.ini
addopts: --wetest

Avaliable options

All options bellow must under [wetest] section in pytest.ini

  • title: the title in json report, default is None

  • json_report_file:Json file name, can be none, auto,arbitrary file name

  • json_report_indent: json indentation

  • metadata: true, false, default is false

  • meta_delimiter: the delimiter in test method docstring to determine metadata line. default is @!

  • meta_assignment_symbol the symbol to split key and value, default is :

  • CI_server:address of CI, to determine whether tests are executed by CI or Local

  • breed_server: address of breed server interface which the json file will send to

  • chinese_node_id: enable or disable chinese_node_id true or false default is false

  • node_id_delimiter: the delimiter to extract node_id in test method docstring, default is @

  • atomic: enable or disable atomic and electronic test suit

options example

# content of pytest.ini
addopts : --wetest

atomic                 :true
title                  : dummy title
json_report_file       : wetest.json
json_report_indent     : 4
CI_server              :
breed_server           :
metadata               : true
meta_delimiter         : @!
meta_assignment_symbol : :
chinese_node_id        : true
node_id_delimiter      : @